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Swiss Knight
Watch with terror and amazement as I attempt to load images. These are all the picture of uniforms I refer to as I write, trying to get the descriptions as correct as possible. I apologise sincerely if I've messed up the dates, misidentified regiments or confused the likely hood of a Nation wearing one uniform over another.

As much as it pains me to acknowledge this, outside of a royal inspection or parade, soldiers probably weren't dressed this sharply or neatly. However my head cannon declares that Nations are always dress spiffy when in uniform in order to keep up moral. (and France and Austria like to play dress up with their territories.)

This is the official Helvetic Republic Uniform that the French kindly designed for them. Note the red, yellow and green them that echo the new flag. This is what Vreni wears when France returns home.


Poland's uniform is the one on the left. Because she can pull off a two story hat (actually called a czapka) while others would just look silly in it.


See how the date is 1807? That's eight years after chapter 2, Batavia could have been wearing something completely different. But until proven otherwise he was wearing the uniform on the right.


This is what Vreni changes into when in the field. Jager's wore the closest thing to camouflage the Napoleonic War's had, being the scouts and hunters of the army.


I've seen fanart of Hungary in this uniform and it looks amazing. Those hussar pants are gorgeous.


And finally Austria, because only he could pull of white, blue and yellow. I'm sure there's a fancier uniform for him, but maybe he was slumming that day.

All these images come from one amazing, stupendous book... Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars in colour 1786-1814 by Jact Cassin-Scott, printed by Blandford Press in London, 1973.

And uh it's my birthday in three days time if anyone feels moved to make fanart for me, or post a long review, or a short review, or in some way acknowledge this fic's existence... that would be really nice.

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First, Happy Birthday!
Second, I think you and your fics are great. I loved Towards German Unity; from your Tumblr, it sounds like you've written others.
Third, I have a book, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars by Digby Smith, similar to the one you used here... their uniforms looked great.


Thank-you even more! German Unity and Neutral Stance are the only things I've written... but my writing rants do give the expression that there should be more.

Yes, that sounds like the book I used, but I'm going to check to be a hundred percent certain, because I try to give credit where it's due.

*quietly put this here and then rolls out again*

*Quietly has a mental breakdown due to sheer amazingingness of the picture*

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